Volodymyr Radko’s paintings reflect the artist’s strong sense of form and space. Noted for his ability to capture fading tones and manipulate shades of light, Radko successfully combines clarity and irony on the canvas, unexpectedly bringing paradoxical elements together. The artist thrives on deconstructing forms and then recreating them, filling them with objects that set the tone for dialogue. Radko’s women are portrayed in a most gentle fashion, often with symbolic objects such as a palm branch or a chalice. The objects are painted within a chamber atmosphere representing key elements of inspiration. Radko’s canvases captivate and invite us to enter into a world full of internal expressiveness.

Born in the Cherkasy region of Ukraine in 1951, Volodymyr Radko graduated from the Hrekov College of Art in Odesa, Ukraine, and received his Master of Fine Arts degree from the Kyiv State Arts Institute (now the National Academy of Visual Arts and Architecture of Ukraine). He has been a member of the Ukrainian Artists’ Union since 1984. Radko has exhibited internationally throughout Europe and the United States. He resides in Kyiv, Ukraine.

About Me

Name: V. Radko

Nationality: Ukraine