About Us

24 Royal Terrace - 24 RT Gallery  is not just an opportunity to visit an art gallery made up of exclusive and diverse artworks, it is the chance to live in an art gallery. Original pieces from the likes of John Bellany, Alan Davie and Anton. S. Kandinsky adorn every available space in our 16-room boutique hotel, situated in Edinburgh’s New Town. By staying in the property, you have the unique opportunity to see how the artworks transform in the different lights of the day and on into the specially selected lighting used in the evening.

Our art isn’t just paint on canvas, it is experience, emotion. The art we have brings the most  beautiful Georgian townhouse to life with a  large variety of colors, feelings, and adventures. We hand pick our art from emerging and established artists from countries all over the globe. In our gallery, you will find diversity between styles and time periods, however they all serve the same purpose: to embark you on a journey of passion, and emotion and comfort. From oil on canvas to mixed media, from Ukraine to right here at home in Scotland, we bring you a multitude of art and intensity, tone and technique, right here in our 16-room boutique art hotel. Come, enjoy and see for yourself.