Mykola Zhuravel

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About Mykola Zhuravel

Ukrainian artist Mykola Zhuravel breaks the boundaries between painting and sculpture, performance and installation art. Zhuravel turns to nature to create thriving monuments to man’s links to the Earth itself. He searches for compatibility between Earth and mankind, while pointedly making reference to the obstacles that human beings have placed in the way of a harmonious existence. Zhuravel’s ambitious style results in a remarkable series of living images of a visionary utopia. By using levkas, a traditional primer employed by icon painters, Zhuravel unites the legacies of Byzantine and Rus icon painting with his contemporary painterly technique. The result, richly vibrant and inventive contemporary works that emerge as modern-day icons.


1979 - Crimean art school im.Samokisha, Simferopol, Ukraine
1989 - graduated from the prestigious Kyiv State Arts Academy, Kyiv, Ukraine


1995 - Member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine
1996 - The artist is a member of the National Artists' Union of Ukraine and the BG-ART
2009 - Academician of the Academy of Rome-modernist art
2011 - The nominee on the Shevchenkovska award
Included in the 30 of the best artists of Ukraine by version of the "100 names" publication
2016 - 1 Prize on the international Kunstpreis ART Worpswede 2016. Berlin, Germany


2017 "Transformation of space", White World gallery, Kiev, Ukraine
2016 Gewalt | Macht | Herrscher ". Kunstverein ART-Project Worpswede. Berlin, Germany (First Prize)
2016 "Invasion: Redux»,White World gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine
2016 Ukrainian painting triennial Kyiv 2016 (nomination first prize to Mykola Zhuravel), Kyiv, Ukraine
2016 Invasion Redux. Ukrainian Institute of America, New York, USA
2015 Art Kyiv Contemporary X, Art Arsenal, Kyiv, Ukraine
2014 Institute of problem of Contemporary Art, art project "Strength of Materials", Kiev, Ukraine
2014 Taras Sevchenko's Museum, "Following The Inner Light", Kiev, Ukraine
2014 Ukrainian Institute of America "Following The Inner Light", New York, USA
2014 SCOPE international contemporary art show, New York, USA
2014 "Ukraine. Archetype of Freedom", Vienna, Austria
2013 "Zorya Fine Art" gallery, Greenwich, Connecticut, USA
2013 Art Toronto Fair, Toronto, Canada
2013 Solo exhibition in "Bezpala Brown Gallery", Toronto, Canada
2013 "Triptych Gallery", Kiev, Ukraine
2013 Art Studio Voluiky, Palace of Arts, Lviv, Ukraine
2013 "Anatomy of Spring", "Art Zbirka Gallery", Kiev, Ukraine
2013 Art Contemporary, Arsenale, Kiev, Ukraine
2012 Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art, Chicago, USA
2011 Ukrainian Institute of America, New York, USA
2011 "Apiary", Venice Biennale, Italia
2010 “lu Hisu” museum , Shanhai, China
2010 ART Shanhai, China
2010 ART KYIV CONTEMPORARY «Herytazhe» gallery, Moscow, Russia
2009 Personal exhibition «Lavra» gallery, «A-Hause» gallery Kyiv, Ukraine
2008 Personal exhibition – the “Apairy” art project Voltahalle gallery Basel
2008 Personal exhibition painting «A-Hause» Kyiv, Ukraine
2007 Fine art ЦДХ, , Moscow, Russia
2007 Personal exhibition painting «Herytazhe» gallery, Moscow, Russia
2006 Personal exhibition – the “Apairy” art project presentation for the 52nd
2004Venice Festival of Contemporary Art, “Soviart” art gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine
2004 Personal exhibition - Retrospective review of M. Zhuravel’ projects, the Ukrainian Institute of America, New York, USA
2004 Group exhibition - 350 years later, Artists House, Kyiv, Ukraine
2003 Personal painting exhibition, the Municipal Art Gallery, Kharkiv, Ukraine
2003 The “Apairy” project’s draft-exhibition, the “Soviart” Contemporary Art Center, Kyiv, Ukraine
2003 Personal painting exhibition, the “L-Art” gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine
2003 Personal exhibition – Four Steps: Zhuravel, Painting, Gallery ArtEast, Kyiv, Ukraine, catalogue
2002 Art of Ukraine, Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia, catalogue
2002 Sophine Symbols of Being (part II); group exhibition with P. Bevza, O. Lytvynenko, M. Malyshko, N. Denysova,
A. Hurenko, O. Fil, curated by P. Bevza. Hlibnya exhibition hall, Kyiv,  Ukraine, catalogue
2001 Sophine Symbols of Existence (part I); group exhibition with P. Bevza, O. Lytvynenko, M. Malyshko, O. Malyshko,
N. Denysova, curated by P. Bevza, with text for the exhibition catalogue by S. Krymsky, Hlibnya exhibition hall, Kyiv, Ukraine, catalogue
2001 Land-art, joint project with V. Shkarupa, H. Hidora, A. Bludov, village of Mohrytsia, Sumy region, Ukraine
2000 Group exhibition with R. Romanyshyn, O. Pinchuk, M. Pryimachenko, Yokohama Municipal Gallery, Japan
1999 Group exhibition with M. Vaisberg and B. Eghiazarian, Bern, Switzerland
1998 Group exhibition with Y. Solomko and O. Babak, Athelier Karas Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine
1998 Personal exhibition of paintings, Gallery 36, Kyiv, Ukraine
1998 Personal exhibition of levkas works, Triptych Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine
1998 Spherography-2, Soviart Gallery (photography, video, graphic art, objects), Kyiv, Ukraine
1998 Joint exhibition with A. Bludov, Embassy of the United Kingdom, Kyiv, Ukraine
1998 Spherography-Spherogram, performance work (part of personal project TransSphere), BG-art Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine

About Me

Name: Mykola Zhuravel

Nationality: Ukraine