Dasha S. Kandinsky

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Dasha S.Kandinsky was born in Kiev to a family of artists a year before the tragic event of the Chernobyl explosion.

Her father, Anton S. Kandinsky, (the descendant of Wassily Kandinsky) was a well known post soviet Pop Artist. He lived and worked in New York, where he rose to fame after developing his signature art style known as ‘Gemism'. He passed away in His studio in Manhattan in 2014.

Nowadays Dasha continues increasing and enriching her father’s style as well as her own art style, which she calls academicism. She believes that "a work of art should be syncretic” and therefore, uses an academic manner as the foundation for her artwork. It is complete only when it contains both myth (non-verbal philosophy), and aesthetics. She combines mystical expressionism, naked sexuality and symbolic mythology. In her work she combines the "raw and hot flesh" of the Paint with the cold heart of her gemstones to create a work of art which is supplemented by both mythology, and aesthetic.

About Me

Name: Dasha S. Kandinsky

Nationality: Ukraine